Credit Management

ICIC provides the insured with diverse sources of information which could assist in taking important strategic decisions of a company regarding expanding into certain markets or increasing activity vis-à-vis various customers and distributors.
By virtue of it being a long-established and experienced company having international ties (part of the ownership is currently held by Euler Hermes, the largest credit insurer in the world), ICIC is able to place at the disposal of its insureds sources of information both as a result of its being a company that is part of the organization of world-wide credit insurance companies and also as part of the global Euler Hermes company which has a local presence in 50 countries of the world.
This information is high-quality and updated and cannot be obtained directly by companies in Israel. Upon the sales to a particular customer being insured, the insurer can monitor and keep track of the financial condition of the customer and obtain warnings from various providers of information in regard to changes in the situation.
The existence of this information and the insurance cover which ICIC provides enables many insureds to improve relationships with their customers, to increase the speed of response to their customers and in certain circumstances also to make the conditions of credit vis-à-vis such customers more lenient, in the course of creating a competitive edge.