Medium term & Long Term- Credit Insurance

Credit and foreign trade risks insurance for a medium term.
A special program intended to assist Israeli exporters in contending with the lengthening of the period of credit to their customers, resulting from conditions of competition around the world, and for expanding the volume of transactions. In the scope of the plan the State assumes part of the risk and thereby enables ICIC to extend the credit period for up to 10 years.
Main features of the program:
●    Hedging of political risks up to 10 years for government or public customers
●    Hedging of commercial and political risks for up to 10 years for companies / corporations
●    Possibility of financing transactions through the banking system in Israel
●    Easy terms of insurance which are adjusted to the OECD rules
●    Access to quality information of Euler Hermes regarding the customer and his country. Euler Hermes is the largest credit insurer in the world and is one of the owners of ICIC
●    Speedy handling of applications by the ICIC team
For further details contact should be made with the manager of the program, Yaron | 972-3-7962449
or to the vice-president marketing and business development, Ayelet Porat. | 972-3-7962404