ICIC Online

ICIC offers online communication from anywhere in the world and at any time, providing policyholders with access to a wide range of data in ICIC’s database, specifically concerning each policyholder’s operations.
Policyholders can obtain information and manage the following aspects of their policies, using ICIC Online’s simple tools (Excel queries and files):

  • Insurance coverage – the level of coverage for each client; changes that have occurred in the coverage; the amount of coverage in each country; applications for new or increased coverage.
  • The sales covered under insurance frameworks – the extent of the sales covered, by time period, country and client. The system likewise allows the policyholder to update sales reports.
  • Delays in payments from clients - the extent of the delays in payments, in various breakdowns.
  • Insurance claims – The extent of insurance claims that have been paid and claims that are being processed.

The only technical requirement a policyholder needs to use this application is an internet connection (preferably broadband).

The system meets the highest standards of information security, including single-use entry passwords sent to users by email or SMS.

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