Financing Products

Increase Bank and Non-Bank Financing

ICIC credit insurance creates leverage for increasing bank and non-bank financing. ICIC has developed a number of financing plans in conjunction with the banking system and with non-banking financial institutions. These plans have become very popular among ICIC policyholders, who can take advantage of increased financing for both export and local transactions. The financing institutions accept ICIC’s credit insurance as a security, enabling policyholders to leverage their ICIC credit insurance for financing needs.

ICIC’s financing plans include:

Receivables Discounting Plan – a unique plan offered by ICIC, in conjunction with Israel’s largest banks and non-banking institutions, to enable a company to increase its financing by selling the receivables insured by ICIC to a financing institution of the company’s choosing. The receivables are then excluded from the company’s balance sheet.

Credit Insurance for Import Transactions- a plan that enables a company to finance its import transactions with ICIC backing

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