Company Profile

ICIC – The Israeli Credit Insurance Company, is the leading credit insurer in Israel. ICIC has been insuring credit since 1957 and today insures sales totaling over $14 billion annually, in both local and foreign trade transactions.

ICIC is an equal partnership company, jointly owned by EULER HERMES – the largest credit insurer in the world, and Harel Insurance Investments and Finances Ltd.

ICIC insures credit in 115 countries and the company’s 500 policyholders include many of the leading companies in Israel and their subsidiaries around the world.

ICIC insurance protects importers and suppliers in the domestic market who sell to their clients on credit. If a client does not pay his debts, whether due to insolvency, financial difficulties or adverse political events in the client’s country that prevent him from paying his debts, ICIC policyholders are covered.

In addition, ICIC provides policyholders with complementary services such as financing plans based on credit insurance (receivables discounting), manufacturing cost insurance, insurance on advance payments to suppliers and various types of performance guarantees.

ICIC works hand in hand with leading  reinsurers around the world and has an Aa3 rating.

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